Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision
Our vision is to build safe communities free from the impact of drug-related crime.

Our Mission
It is our mission to succeed by providing a justice alternative for drug addicted offenders that integrates justice, health services and treatment to restore the lives of addicts and empower them to be productive members of the community.

Our Values
We proudly embody our core values in the work we do with our employees, our participants, our treatment and rehabilitative partners and our community. We are visionary, collaborative, accountable and empowering.

We are Visionary
We leverage best practices from other drug treatment and problem solving courts and build on continuous learning to consistently improve.

We are Collaborative
We work cohesively with our partners to provide a continuum of services to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

We are Accountable
We are an evidence based program that measures our effectiveness through an evaluation process.

We are Empowering
We create an environment, a system, an approach, that enables individuals to function to their highest capacity.