Day Program

Participants in the Calgary Drug Treatment Court may be considered for a 12-16 week CDTC Day Program. This program is an alternative to the Residential Recovery House program.

Participants will be assessed by CDTC Treatment staff, who will determine a participant’s placement location. The treatment professionals’ decision is based upon specific criteria and is made in the best interest of the participant.

While in the Day Program, all participants will be required to reside in CDTC-approved housing in the community. In the majority of cases, community housing will be at a designated location as provided by a CDTC housing partner. Strict adherence to housing terms will be a part of the participant’s bail terms.

The Day Program is accessible to men and women and offers both mixed-education classes and gender specific group components. The content of the Day Program follows closely with the content found within Residential Recovery House programs.

Getting caught was a copper thief’s salvation
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[DTC] literally taught me how to live again. They taught me all the tools, how to survive, how to love myself, how to get my self-esteem back. And eventually I got back everything that I’d lost. I have my kids. I have my family. I love myself. I have my heart back.

Program Graduate

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