CDTC Participants

Addiction is a chronic disease. Our program follows the well-researched standards and best practices set out for Drug Treatment Courts and is informed by several therapeutic approaches including social learning, behaviour theory, and trauma-informed practice.

CDTC is a therapeutic court.

It is designed to create a supportive environment where participants develop a relationship with members of the Court Team (Justices, Crown Prosecutors, Duty Counsel, Treatment Representatives), receive support and encouragement from peers and from the Court Team, learn and practice honesty and accountability, and demonstrate that they are following the conditions that allowed for their delay in sentencing and participation in the program.

In Court, participants receive positive reinforcement and other incentives for meeting program requirements and participating in treatment. If requirements are not met or participants are not engaging in treatment, a sanction is provided. Sanctions and incentives are opportunities for participants to learn about accountability and what is expected of them during participation in the program, and while living in the community.

As participants progress through the program they may request certain changes to their program requirements in writing, such as reduced reporting requirements.

Participant Manual

Distributed to all program participants. The handbook provides information about:

  • How the program works and what to expect,
  • Our treatment and rehabilitation partners who work with participants,
  • Our processes and procedures.