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Real Help for Addicted Offenders – Further Evidence from the Calgary Drug Treatment Court

A Calgary Drug Treatment Court Study of crime related outcomes, followed the progress of 87 graduates and provides a review of their pre- and post-program convictions. The Study shows that 75.9% of graduates had no new substantive convictions at an average 3.8 years following graduation. Further, when graduates were grouped by the number of years since they graduated from the program, nearly 70% who graduated between 3 and 4 years before  the study end date had no new convictions  Read the full report at the following link.

CDTC Evaluation Reports

CDTC Recidivism Study

The cohort of interest in this study consists of 87 participants who graduated from the Calgary Drug Treatment Court Program during the 9+ year period between April 1, 2010 and June 30, 2019.

I now understand who I am, I have hobbies, I know what I enjoy, I have more goals than I can count, I’m closer than ever with my family, and I have the most amazing relationships in my life I’ve ever had.

Program Graduate

Help drug-addicted offenders turn their lives around