Participant Request Forms

The CDTC program integrates concepts of  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy in its program approach, meaning that positive behaviors are acknowledged and rewarded.

Sometimes the reward is praise and sometimes the reward is earning a privilege. Each week your progress and performance is measured against the expectations of the program. You are an individual and your progress path is your own, therefore, you are not measured against any other participant in the program.

If you are meeting the expectations of the program you will receive a “Compliant Week”. As you progress through the stages of the CDTC program you may earn additional privileges, many of which are aligned with achieving milestones within the program.

To request a change/privilege you will need to complete the necessary request form and follow the required steps and timelines for submission. Your request will be submitted to the court team for consideration. The court team will not consider a request if you’ve had a non-compliant week.

The following forms are available from your CDTC Case Manager. 

  • Cell Phone – Download
  • Bi Weekly Reporting
  • Permission to Leave Court Early – Download
  • Overnight/Out of Town/Weekend Visit – Download
  • Residential Housing
  • Housing Change Request – Download
  • General Request Form – Download

Other Participant Forms include:

  • Relapse Prevention Plan
  • Participant Exit Survey
  • Graduation Application
  • Transition Plan
  • Wellness Plan
  • Meeting Sheet – Download
  • Employment Confirmation – Download