Application Process


It is a requirement of the CDTC program that you engage the help of legal counsel to complete the necessary application paperwork. If you already have a lawyer, he or she can help you with your application. If you do not have a lawyer and/or you cannot afford one, please contact our CDTC Duty Counsel for further assistance. Note: Part 1 and Part 2 are to be completed at the same time.


PART 1: Crown Eligibility Review

As part of the CDTC application process the applicant must complete and submit to the Crown, as a single package, the following two (2) documents:


application                                   form

Program Application Form           And            WAIVER & CONSENT PART 1

The completed application package must be submitted to the appropriate Federal or Provincial Crown Prosecutor’s office.

Note: The Crown Prosecutor will not initiate further action on your application until both forms have been received.


PART 2: Treatment Eligibility Review

The applicant must also complete and submit the following release of information form:

Consent to Share Health Information (CSHI)

The signed consent form must be faxed to the Calgary Drug Treatment Court main office (403-476-4701).

If applicable, the original signed form will be retained on the applicant’s AHS Client Health Information file as utilized by AHS at the Calgary Remand Centre.

Note: If the applicant passes the Crown Eligibility phase, they will be assessed by the CDTC Treatment Team. Allowing the team early access to the applicant’s health information and history facilitates a more complete and timely treatment eligibility decision.

Once all information is gathered from both screening phases, the applicant’s full case is reviewed by the entire pre-court team. The team will provide a group recommendation of acceptance or non-acceptance to the Crown Prosecutor. The Crown Prosecutor will make a final decision on program acceptance or non-acceptance.

Applicants are encouraged to read CDTC Acceptance Process for more information on eligibility screening, decision making and next steps following the acceptance or non-acceptance of your application to CDTC.




Download Waiver and Consent Form Part II 


send form

All three forms are available for DOWNLOAD in a complete application package. They can also be requested through the Calgary Remand Centre, the Calgary Crown Prosecutors Office, Federal Crown Prosecutors, or our CDTC Duty Counsel Representative.

For more information about applying to the program, please contact your lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer, you may contact our CDTC Duty Counsel Representative. Contact Us for further assistance.