About CDTC

The Calgary Drug Treatment Court has been in operation since 2007, providing the only community alternative to incarceration for non-violent drug-addicted offenders whose crimes are driven by drug addiction.

CDTC is an evidence-based program that integrates court intervention and treatment services to end drug-driven crime and assist participants to return to family, work and community.

Our Philosophy We know that when non-violent drug-addicted offenders are provided with the right type and intensity of services, they can change their lives, and often in remarkable and transformative ways.

CDTC provides weekly court intervention, addiction treatment, and a range of programming to address the drug addiction and change the patterns of thinking that perpetuate criminal and addictive behavior.

CDTC also works closely with community partners to meet the complex needs of our participants and reduce the many social, health, mental health, and economic barriers to sustaining a positive and productive lifestyle.

Our History

The first Drug Treatment Court (DTC) was started in 1989 in the United States. This was different from receiving court ordered treatment as part of sentencing. Drug treatment courts combine addiction treatment and justice system processing by a multi-disciplinary team. Eligible participants receive drug rehabilitation and strict supervision by the court.

With a serious and growing drug addiction problem in Calgary, the need for the city’s own Drug Treatment Court was recognized. In 2002, Judge Bill Pepler of the Calgary Provincial Court led a steering committee with the goal of opening a DTC in Calgary. Thereafter, Judge James Ogle took over the project and in May 2007 he opened the CDTC. Now Assistant Chief Judge Ogle has presided in the court since its inception, and remains the mentoring judge for the court.