A justice alternative for addicted offenders.

CDTC is an evidence-based program that integrates court intervention and treatment services to end drug-driven crime and assist participants to return to family, work and community.

Welcome to Calgary Drug Treatment Court

We provide a pre-sentence justice alternative for individuals facing charges driven by a drug addiction, that integrates justice, health and treatment services and empowers them to restore their lives and to become productive members of the community.  Read more.

7 out of 10 graduates have no new charges or convictions

76% reduction in recidivism

67% fewer contacts with the police

Coming into Drug Court I was in bad shape. I was homeless, desperate and alone…Today I am living clean and sober.

I’ve reconnected with my children, live without regret or unreasonable fears. I can look at the man in the mirror and be okay, and know that I am trying to do the next right things.

Program Graduate

Success stories

Proud of the two kids he almost lost during his addiction

Jamie Martin couldn’t be prouder of the two kids he almost lost during his years of drug addiction, and who he had the good fortune to reconnect with after he worked through the Calgary Drug Treatment Court.

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Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (AB)

Alberta’s person-centred approach addresses more than an individual’s mental health and addiction challenges. It’s about improving their quality of life by supporting balance and healing in all aspects of their health and wellness.

Help drug-addicted offenders turn their lives around